The Four Season Jogger – Burley D’Lite X Double Trailer

Finding a trailer right for you can be challenging. Especially as an active person, I wanted a trailer that would go with my life style and not have me adjust my lifestyle for the stroller limitations. I had zero hesitation when I came across Burley Design. Full 360 coverage from wind and harsh enviroments, sun/UV protection, comfortable sitting, adjustable handles, spacious, storage, compatible for ski, bike and jog. There was no question this was the set up for us.

Some of the additional feature of this specific design include:

  • quick release on wheels, handle bars and compatible accessories
  • adjustable suspension for comfortable ride
  • comfortable seating/easy to remove for wash
  • removable floor mat for easy clean of dirt (mostly snacks though)
  • full length UV protection windows
  • complete wind protection for all harsh weather conditions
  • adjustable handle bars
  • removable seats to be used for storage trailer

So I originally got this trailer and used the front wheel that comes with the trailer. It was great for sure! Well made, trailed nice, steered great, Sophie seemed really comfortable. BUT winter shortly arrived. There my struggled began. Although the most important thing to me was the 360 wind protection, I was getting stuck in unshovled driveways and paths all the time! It was fine in light snow but lets be honest… we can get alot of snow in not alot of time! So I decided to upgrade to the jogger kit and all my troubles disappeared! I was bombing through all the trailers and didn’t bat an eye. In the summer/fall it also trails really nice in unpaved paths, it hands alot of the bumps and jumps alot better that the kit wheel.

There are a million reasons why this is an amazing product. Not only for the quality but mostly the functionality. As a busy active mom, it is such a relief to be able to pick up and go throughout EVERY SEASON! From skiing, biking, jogging and just spending the day with the family. I chose to upgrade to a double with the hopes of expanding our family of three and continuing on our adventures. For now, the double seater works good for teddy to join or a nice walk with a play date friend.

Burley D’lite X Double

Click the image for link to @burleydesign site

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