Point Campground (backcountry)

This is probably my favourite campground! It’s either a 2km hike in, or a boat ride across the lake! So depending on how much you want to pack, or your preferred method of transportation, this is a great place to “backcountry camp” with still having the amenities of a proper pad, firewood, an outhouse and usually other campers!

Located on Upper Kananaskis Lake in the Peter Lougheed area, there are plenty of things  to do! Try your luck fishing (for cuts or bulls), hike Mt. Indefatiguable, Mt. Serrail, Rawson Lake, or just enjoy the peace of the great outdoors!

This is bear country, so they are storage bins located at the site. MAKE SURE YOU LOCK UP ALL YOUR FOOD AT ALL TIMES!! I can not stress this enough! Its putting everyone at the site in danger including the bears. Hang your garbage on the garbage hangers. Be responsible!

Make sure you purchase your backcountry camping pass at either the Barrier Lake information centre, or Boulton Creek Trading post.

And pack for some rain, and warm clothes! It’s always 5 degrees colder than the the weather reading for Kananaskis, and it always rains! The winds pick up quickly and pass just as quickly!

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