Hidden Falls (Sombrio Beach BC)

Lets just start with probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever saw.

This hidden gem is not to be missed, in fact, its so easy to miss we didn’t even know it was there. Fate put us in the exact spot to see a couple people coming out of the forrest following down a tiny trickle of a creek. Curiosity got the best of us and we presumed there has to be a waterfall of some type.


About 1 km up, some muddy pathway, switching threw the creek (prepare to get your shoes a little wet). We saw the cave, a moss grown – massive walk through cave. It was so cool!!!! And walking a little further in was the falls, fresh mountain water crashing down into the cave. It was magical.

Sombrio Beach is about 1.5 drive from Victoria, on the Juan De Fuca highway, on windy 60km roads, although it says only 45km it takes much longer. But don’t let the detour you, is a very scenic drive with lots of spots and beaches to stop along the way!!!

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