Geraldine Lakes Hike (Moderate)

4-11km (depending which lakes you stop at)
2-6 hours
Elevation gain: 400-1100m
Summer, Fall

So we only went to the first lake for the fishing, (brook troat are in the lake) and than to the back side of that level of the trail, to the two teered waterfall. The trail does continue up the falls to the second and third lakes where the hike goes from moderate to extreme. So you’ll have to read more informtation to continue on.

That being said, the hike up to the first lake was short, sweet and well trailed. The lake is stunning, very quiet, crystal clear! You can see the little brookies jumping all over the lake. It was beautiful and definietly worth the trek up.

The waterfall was also awesome! Two tiers of rushing water pouring into the lake! It was so refreshing!

This trail ( at least to the first lake) is dog friendly, but some of the trail dips into the lake, so be prepared for some wet paws! (watesrs not very deep though, so no need to worry!)

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