Three Mile Bend – Kayak/Dog Park

Three mile bend is a great dog park, water sport pond, and a great nature park to enjoy in Red Deer. The dog park has no fences, so make sure your dog is good on recalls!

The main part of this post is about the ponds, if your planning on learning to kayak or taking your kids to a small, safe area Three Mile bend is the perfect starting place! There’s a mini boat launch right when you come in, and another spot with a floating dock for easy access to launch the boats.

Valhalla Pure Outfitters has boat rentals, and demo days held once a year at the ponds as well, dates change every year but if you check there websites or give them a call they’ll give you the dates!

The paved path also is great as a biking trail, and cross country skiing path, if you continue the trail past the park it connect to another bridge leading over the river to Riverbend Golf Course!

Get your specialized quality gear from the knowledgable staff at

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Valhalla Pure Outfitters Red Deer, AB

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