Chester Lake (Easy)

Easy (more moderate in winter -snow depending)
3-4 hours
Elevation Gain: 310m
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

This is an EXCELLENT way to spend the day! I saved this hike for the winter because of its easy elevation, beautiful trees and well trafficked locations. Unfortunately, in the winter months the mountains become a lot “smaller” with less options to go hiking. But don’t let that stop you! The mountains are more romantic then ever with snow capped trees, wildlife tracks in the fresh powder, soak in the crisp mountain air and enjoy a hot cup of tea when you’ve reached your destination. If I haven’t caught on, I absolutely love getting outside in the winter. Its the most romantic time of year.

Chester lake is a multi use trail that is well marked, and heavily used. Its a great place for all skill levels. If your a cross country skier, snowshoer or hiker – any day of the week you will find other people making use of the trail. If your worried about not having the right gear, hit the trail on a mid afternoon Saturday or Sunday and the trail will be heavily packed down.

This trail is used in the summer months as a passing through point for a few other trails, a day area for families or a fishing location for the avid anglers looking to catch a Dolly Varden! Its the only lake these fish are still residing. So yes that means CATCH & RELEASE ONLY! Unfortunately, we took this trail a week to late, and the lake had already iced over, but I will be sure to try my luck next season!

Overall, this is a beautiful hike! Stunning meadows and beautiful mountain landscapes. The trail is mostly an incline, but not to strenuously. Theres about 3 meadow sections to let you catch your breathe and take in the view.



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