Mount Indefatigable (Difficult)

5-7 hours
Elevation gain: 1070m
Summer, Fall, Spring

This hike is hard. It is long, relentless, and a tough scramble getting up and down! So if your planning on hiking this one, PLEASE HAVE EXPERIENCE! This is not a beginners hike.

That being said…… This hike is awesome!!! The views are incredible the whole way. Walking through the trees for the first portion, you come to a nice view spot which could be an end point as well, its only a couple km’s up and offers a pano view of upper and lower lakes.

Those of you that are looking to summit, you got a while more to go! But that’s ok, the hike is broken up between some trees, meadows, a sea of wild flowers, you’ll come across a trickling water fall in the distance! Its all so beautiful! And there was still a bit of snow late June.

Now I don’t say this hike is hard from the elevation gain, or the km’s its hard because of the summit scramble. Its all rock, solid blocks, that are heavy and one wrong step and your going to knock a boulder on the person below you. So be careful, and be careful for the people below you. Do not walk right below someone, at this point there not much of a trail, its a free for all up to the top. Find the best route and stick to it. If you have a helmet, put it on! I found the way down a little harder, I always come down with my stomach to the wall – more like rock climbing. It gives 3 points to hang on at all times and push your body weight into the mountain, not down it!

I would not say this hike is dog friendly, only because of the summit. So if you want to go just below the summit, which is still an amazing view, if you have a dog please stop. I watched 3 couples struggling trying to get their dog down off the cliff, its not far to the little buddy and not safe for you!

PLEASE NOTE: This trail has been decommission from a high bear population. So DO NOT FORGET YOUR SPRAY. Parks Alberta hikes the trail often and will send you back down if you don’t have any. We didn’t see any trace of bears, but that doesn’t mean they were’t there. The trail was pretty busy, but it was a Sunday afternoon. So if your going on a Wednesday, be alert!



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