Boom Lake (Moderate)

3-4 hours
10 km round trip
Elevation gain: 200m
Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring

This was a great day hike to exercise the dogs and get some fresh air! We started the trail pretty late in the day (around 2) so we pretty much ran up and back down to make it back to the car before sunset.

Due to the minimal elevation, this would be a great hike for beginners and people just looking to get outside. The trail head is easy to find, and most elevation is right at the beginning. The trail is all in the trees with minimal views until you reach the lake.

Great for all seasons, this trail is a good option to do in the winter. We didn’t use snowshoes but they are recommended, or skis. This trail is not groomed, and being an inexperienced skier, I would have found this very difficult due to the fairly narrow trail.

When coming to the end of the 5km’s in, there will be a couple trails that branch down and make a fork in the trail. This will just take you to different sections of the lake, if you continue to the end of the trail (past the sign that says the trail is no longer maintained) you will reach the middle (ish) of the lake.

Overall this wasn’t my favourite hike but it was great to get outside, and the day was pretty easy even with trekking through all the snow! I would like to check it out in the summer and try to catch some fish though!

Unfortunately, We didn’t get the chance to take to many photos as we were in a rush to get back, so you’ll just have to try this one out for yourself!

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