Paddle Board Sylvan Lake

Paddle boarding is a great way to get outside, catch some rays, and soak your feet in the nice cold water! And its not as hard as you think! Its actually quiet easy. I’ve taken many newbies out, who have been terrified to fall in and get eaten by a fish. Yes this is true. (Kelsey).  But much to their surprise, no one fell in or was viciously attached by any fresh water predators !

Theres a couple different places to get paddle boards, I know Kananaskis outfitters rents from on Barrier lake which is really nice, but also freezing so don’t actually fall in. Or you can buy blow up ones from Costco (which are also great, with enough air they are hard as a rock, and very easily carried/transported).

If you want to rent some for the day Tara who owns B1 & SUP has at least 10 boards! And she’s the best. She will tell you were the best spot on Sylvan Lake is that day, depending not the wind, events taking place, water conditions etc and bring you to a meeting spot, suit you up! I believe its around $25 for the hour!

B1 & SUP (stand up paddle) Offers on the lake yoga classes!!! There also super fun! If you into yoga and wanting to try something new its great for all skill levels, the classes are small and in the shallow waters so you fall into waste deep sandy beach!

Super fun for birthdays, dress clubs, Sunday get togethers!

B1 & SUP Rentals/Yoga Classes


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