East End of Rundle – EEOR (Hard)

6 Km
Elevation Gain: 870m
3-4 hours
Summer, Fall, Winter

You win some you loose some.

Do not let this beautiful view trick you! Ever think hey thats only 6km with beautiful views seems like a good one! Which is it. But amazing views, and only 6 km… your going straight up the whole time!! But its not to bad because its only for a short amount of distance. The problem is you must have proper footwear/gear. Especially in the winter! Even with crampons and poles we were slipping up and down in the snow. I left out spring in the recommended seasons – not regular spring, but Mountain spring. So there’s still a ton of snow now (in April) but once it all melts it’ll be so muddy I highly doubt you’ll be getting much traction! And you’ll be able to tell in the first 10min of walking as that’s probably the steepest section!

This trail is not recommended without proper gear.

That being said I really enjoyed this hike! And I can not wait to do it again. Super easy to find, the trail is well marked and packed down. My pup was allowed on the trail as there is minimal scrambling (a couple spots were a big of a jump down but she managed slowly). Unfortunately, due to extremely high winds we did not summit this time. We made it to an excellent view point, about 2km in and 300-400m up, giving us a stunning view down the Spray Valley and across from the monumental Hi Ling.

I was recently asked if I am upsetting we didn’t summit after driving for 2.5 to hike only 4km and have to turn back… My answer is no. I would must rather turn back and give myself the opportunity to come back another time, than put myself at risk and risk the lives of emergency works because my ego needed to summit. The mountains are in control and its your responsibility to work with her, not against. And if she’s in a mood – your not going to win the battle! Take each opportunity as a chance to get some quality time with your friends, yourself and nature and soak in that mountain air.

Until next time, I will summit you EEOR!

PS… Apparently my photo files are lost and will not upload – but I have a video on my instagram for a better idea of the trail conditions!

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3 thoughts on “East End of Rundle – EEOR (Hard)

  1. This hike looks gorgeous! I definitely hear you on turning around even when you don’t want to – if you know you need to turn around for weather or safety reasons it’s so important to do that even if you didn’t make it to the top. It looks like you got killer views anyways!


    1. Yes!!! Absolutely!!! And now it’ll be more rewarding when I make it!!! And beautiful views. I’ve been looking forward to this hike for a couple seasons now! So it was still exiting ! Thanks for reaching out!


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