Abraham Lake

The magnificent Abraham Lake!!! Although technically its man made, this glacier lake is one of the largest lakes in Alberta, its rich blue colour is simply breathetaking and I’m afraid pictures never do it justice!

The good thing about this lake and area – pretty much every hike, climb, camp – you’re going to have a good view!  Depending on water levels you can have some pretty sandy beaches ( like the feature image, it was taking May Long weekend and there was sand for days!!!).

This is basically a part of the “backcountry” Nordegg experience, so camping is a free for all and its WONDERFUL!!! There are so many spots to pull over and pitch a tent or even park your RV. Often you’ll come across fire pits and areas previously camped in, this is probably good place to start. PLEASE NOTE: this lake can get very windy, more often than not. So pick a spot with some tree coverage, or on the other side of the highway off the lake if your worried about getting cold. Sleeping next to the water seems like the perfect spot until your tent is in the lake!

This is a nice place to kayak if you have experience, this lake is HUGE!!! So the wind can be a little scary and the water is freezing, so stay close to the shoreline, or hang in the bays. Literally you will freeze to death in 10-20 min resting in glacier cold waters.

Day use: Windy point offers picnic tables and rest areas. It’s a good to walk down to the water, enjoy the views, let the dogs swim! Also its a common place to see all the sheep/rams! You’ll know its windy point because its a little island that jets out just before the highway goes through the mountain side. (picture below).

Windy Point hiking trail head is just above this point, you’ll notice a couple boulders strategically placed with a trail behind it! This hike can go from 4-11km up, with 3 point summits. Its a great hike that offers full pano views of the lake! There will be a little park bench at the first summit to enjoy the view!

Over all this is a great place to spend the day just being outside. There are no amenities near by so make sure you pack everything you need AND HAVE ENOUGH GAS! Nordegg is  about 30min away from the lake and next gas station is the ice field parkway. With no cell service, this would make for a long walk back!

This is one of my favourite spots to see! And worth the drive out.



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