Highway 40 (Nature walk)

Not really into hiking? Have someone that isn’t able to walk very far? Just take a drive through Kananaskis highway 40. The whole area is a wildlife sanctuary! Points are interest are located on the turn offs on the highway with some descriptions as what your actually looking for!!!

The wildlife is always my favourite thing to watch for, so get your camera ready!! Your most likely to come across some goats eating along the highway or scaling the mountains on either side of you. Be cautious, there not afraid to kick rocks down on you! Depending on the season, you’ll also notice some rams with big horns, trying to size each other up and impress the ladies watching, yourself included – wink wink.

The best part of Kananaskis is there Grizzy Bear population!! Free running through they park, they do have there favourite spots to hang out, which will be noted on signs and parks Canada website. Often you’ll see them eating berries in the ditches or walking across the highway. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR. For you safety and also the bears. They are magnificent creatures to watch, but getting out of your car to take a picture can startle them and put them in a protective mode – especially when cubs are around. If a bear attacks a human, despite who provoked the attack the bear is in jury to be relocated or terminated. Not worth the picture. Appreciate the nature of wildlife, its wonderful to experience!

I’ve also seen a couple moose grazing in the meadows as well as caught some beautiful fish in the some of the lakes! Whatever your looking to find, highway 40 has is for you and makes for a very scenic drive!

If. you wanting to camp, there are a few campsites that are available. MOST WILL BE FULL on summer weekends. There are some first come first serve, so if you can’t not reserve a spot, get there Friday night or early Saturday. This is not crown land, you can’t not camp where ever you feel like, you need a designated spot, or a back country permit. So be prepared, or you’ll be headed home before your fun gets started!

Most important thing, and please do not forget this, under no circumstances,
DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE.  By doing so, there are learning that there food comes from humans, not only is human food not part of a regular wildlife diet i.e. all the sugars, processed foods etc, but they will start to rely on you to provide for them instead of fending for selves. Also causing more human incounters putting everyone in danger. Parks Alberta has done a wonderful job creating an environment that has allowed all species to enjoy and make use of the land!

Start your drive by turning off highway one at the Casino grounds, exit Kananaskis park/highway 40. Drive all the way to the Peterlougheed turn off, continue till you come to a dead end and have lunch between the two lakes! Please read the post for Upper/Lower Kananaskis Lakes if you would like more information on what to do once you’ve arrived!

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