Peter Lougheed Trails (XCskiing)

Wanting to try a ski with a little more of a scenic view to it? Well I have just the place for you! Not to far into the Peter Lougheed Provincal Park you can park at the Pocaterrra parking lot and begin your trek!

With having some first timers with us, we decided to give the lodgepole loop a shot (map inserted bottom). Although this route did start with a steep downhill right off the hop, it flatted out became an excellent starting point with minimal skill requirements mixed in with a couple hills to challenge my fellow skiers! And much to my surprise, after about 4.5 km we all improved enough to cross over the highway into the Elkwood parking lot and continue out route back to the car on the meadows trail! This is an intermediate trail but a great place to push yourself to conquer the downhills!

This well maintained network of trails has lots of snow, mountain views and beautiful treed sections making it well worth the drive in! Please keep in mind other fellow skiers, staying in the right lanes and giving enough space between skiers as everyone skis at different speeds and we don’t need a bunch of bowling pines lying down at the bottom of the track!

And of course! The most important thing! Snack and water! Skiing is amazing exercise – make sure you stay hydrated and have fun!


Peter Laughed Trails Map



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