Grassi Lakes (Easy)

Nature Walk/Easy
2 km
1-2 hours
Elevation Gain: 125m
Spring, Summer, Fall (trail closed in the winter)

There are 2 beautiful ponds at the end of this trail, the second being the best in my opinion! The rich green moss contrasting the glacier blue water coming from spray lakes gives the water a unique look and something worth checking out if your in the area!

This trail is well defined, with an easy route and a more difficult route! Both being fairly straight forward. The difficult route offers more of a “trail hike” feel, with a stop at a waterfall and a nice view over Canmore. This trail is often the busiest route. The easy route is wide and smooth – not recommended for strollers though, its still a dirt path and uphill!

Once you get to the lakes you’ll see a walking path that circles the ponds and leads to the second pond where you’ll find lots of rock climbers! Stop and enjoy the skill and extreme talent that comes with climbing.

This trail was closed a good chunk of the summer for bears, so keep your eyes open. It is heavily trafficked and well maintained so if its open – it’ll be busy and the bears will likely not come around anyways! But still be alert.

Great for a nice evening walk or something to do with the whole family. Dogs welcome!

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