Ram Falls Canyon (easy/moderate)

1-4 km
All day if you want!
Elevation: 400m into the canyon

This is not for the faint of heart! The canyon is slippery! To get access down the canyon you will have to cross the water, the glacier ice cold water! But it is beautiful.

And the fish are amazing, its hard fishing, the are used to all natural foods. This is fly fishing territory!

Be careful of the Rams, they’re walking all around the canyon kicking rocks at you (hence the name, Ram Falls)

This is a nice place to go check out without going down the canyon though. You can walk a fair distance along the top checkout out the views!

Fishing licenses required! All fish are catch and release in the area, and conservation officers are always checking!

This is also a campground, they had about 40 sites open when we stayed, and a couple sections were closed off! But pretty remote location, backcountry camping is permitted all along the trunk road. So basically if you can fit  – you can camp! Its wonderful that there is still land people can use RESPECTFULLY and use it like its  their own backyard. For us city folks that do not own acres of land, this is place to pretend like you do! So treat is as if it was your own.


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