Baldy Pass Trail South (moderate)

6km (ish)
3-5 hours
Elevation gain: 700-900km
Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring

This is a great hike!!!! But can get confusing, there are a couple ways, and a couple names for “Baldy Pass” so when you getting directions, make sure you get the right one! Now my  description is pretty vague, because its technically a loop. But I recommended going up o the summit and coming down, or going to the south peak.

There’s basically 3 stops, make sure you don’t mistake the first “flat spot” for the summit! Because you’ll be wildly disappointed! Although its still a nice view, make sure you head east up for about another 15min to the actual summit! (also known as summit number 2). It offers 360 views off the mountain! You’ll get a little view of barrier lake, into the valley, and some farmers fields in the foothills.

It is an extremely rewarding hike with not too much work required! The scramble is minimum, more scree than anything, so make sure you have good shoes, and bring the poles if you have them. I did it without, but there still handy!

This is a great first hike, and another one of my favourites!

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