Sulpher Skyline Trail (Moderate)

3-6 hours
Elevation gain : 700m
Summer, Spring, Fall

This is a great hike! Straight and to the point! It’s up hill pretty much the whole way. But mostly switchbacks, with a light scramble for the last 15min stretch. Most the way is tree line walking on a well maintained trail and breaks between sections where you can get a glimpse of the valley! Which has no comparison to the summit views, but is a nice encouraging treat to enjoy along the way!

We did this trail in late May, so there was sections of snow covered area (above the knee!) But it was rather refreshing to cool off from the steady trek up! We passed quite a few groups on the way up, so its well trafficked! My friends wore straight running shoes, had a little trouble coming down from the summit, but totally manageable. Poles would be helpful but I wouldn’t say a requirement!

AND best part, there is hot springs! One being more of a pool, right when you start the hike. I believe it costs around $10.00 to go in, but theres also a natural pool off the main trail you can hike too! Soak those legs after a great hike!!

I would say this hike is dog and kid friendly (who are active, and don’t get bored easily). Great first hike to do as well!

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