Kayaking Fort Normadeau to Riverbend golf course

Welcome to Alberta!!! This beautiful baby moose was hanging out with his mama just before hitting Riverbend golf course! So right in town…. I was in heaven!!! We came around the corner and we locked us and both didn’t move… My friend and I coasted down the river being as still as possible not to startle him as the water was surely deep enough for him to come over and trample us! But of course that never happen, we all just watched each other in awe. Mama moose continued to grass the grass behind. That same trip we came across a scrampering baby deer and mama, some fishes jumping and a beaver!

This short paddle was full of excitement and only took about 3 hours. We hit the water at Fort Normadeau around 6pm (after work) and ended the trip around 9pm at the golf course. It was another wonderful summer night that requirement very little. Just 2 bigger SUVs to haul two kayaks, some snacks and water and we were set!

I always rent my kayaks from Valhalla Pure, there rental policies and boats are amazing and there staff are extremely helpful! You put the boats up after 3pm, get them for the entire next day, and drop off is on the following day before 12. So basically 2 days for $40.00. There fulling equipmented with life jackets, bail bucks, rescue ropes and paddles. The boats range from extremely stable to more of a racing boat, and some wider based ones that we take for fishing! Because of there great quality, the seats are very comfortable and they will fit you with a boat for your height/size/goal. They also have canoes, snowshoes, cross country skies! Pretty much my go to for all equipment!

Valhalla Pure Homepage

Valhalla Pure Red Deer Facebook

Get your specialized quality gear from the knowledgable staff at

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Valhalla Pure Outfitters Red Deer, AB

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