Jackfish Lake

Nature is calling…. you best head to Jackfish Lake. This little lake not the east side of nordegg doesn’t offer  beautiful mountain views, it doesn’t take a long time to make it across the lake. BUT if you get there on a day where theres little to no wind! Be prepared for an awesome experience! This lake is full of hammer head jack fish (pike), and there are fast, and bite hard! And you can watch them swimming around, checking out your lure, and than BAM they bite! You can watch them fighting right from the boat!

Talk about a thrill!!! If you head to the other side of the lake you can canoe through a windy, mash area and its extremely peaceful and romantic. The fish are not really in that area as the waters pretty shallow, but there some moose hanging out around there, beautiful birds fluttering around watching you. And I enjoy it very much.

There is also a campground with about 6 sites, there pretty close together and not to “private” but its not a busy place. And it would be easy to launch your boat and leave it at a the boat launch over night without having to load everything up everytime!

Please check the fishing regulations before heading out and make sure you have your fishing licenses!

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