Penhold to For Normandeau

This is my favourite stretch for kayaking, its not busy, you can hear the birds chirping, watch the fish jumping (catch the fish jumping!) the waters are fairly calm with a couple class 1-2 rapids depending on the water levels.

It takes about 4-5 hours depending how much your paddling and the waters current of course. But you start at the Penhold bridge on township 370/highway 593 at the day use campground area. And its about a 10km stretch to Fort Normandeau.

Packs lots of snacks and water, you won’t think your hungry until your paddling for a couple hours! We always pull over and have some lunch on a sandy shoreline.  Lots of goldeye to be caught as well.

We rent our boats from Valhalla Pure Outfitters in Red Deer, its $40.00 for day before pick up and day after drop off, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy your day without having to rush back before 6pm closing! They come full equipped with life jackets, paddles, bail bucks, rescue ropes etc. They also have canoes, snow shoes and cross countries skies if your looking!!

Valhalla Pure Red Deer

The staff are extremely helpful and friendly!


Get your specialized quality gear from the knowledgable staff at

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Valhalla Pure Outfitters Red Deer, AB

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