Goldstream Park to Trestle Bridge (BC)

3.5 km
2 hours
Elevation Gain: 90m
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

So cool to go see a beautiful waterfall and than continue to a decommission trestle bridge that dates back to 1905!

Niagara Canyon located through the tunnel off Goldstream park (picture insert at bottom) ends with a beautiful light streamed waterfall just after a few minutes of walking! Surrounded with an amazing jungle mist of trees and ferns this is definetly worth checking out.

If you choose to continue to the trestle bridge you’ll take a sharp right once through the tunnel and the trail is clearly marked! It’s short and sweet, a little steep but nothing to be over prepared for! Maybe just pack a lunch (as I always recommend) and enjoy the view from the bridge! As of June 2016 this is no longer an active railway so no need to panic about a “Stand By Me” Situation!

This is a dog friendly hike, on leash! Especially on the tracks! Its a long ways down!

Over all this is a great little venture, great for all skill levels! Who doesnt enjoy track walking!

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