Grizzly Peak (hard)

4-6 hours
Elevation Gain: 950m
Summer, Fall

This moderate to hard hike offers spectacular views, with a wide variety of terrain! It has steep inclines, to easy walking around to the back side of the mountain, some scree skiing, and beautiful meadows!!!

I absolutely loved this hike. And would definitely do it again! The summit is worth the trek up, although most of the sites say its only 6km return, we tracked it at about 7.7km and it felt like 10km! But if you want a good view, you have to work for it.

This hike is called Grizzly Peak for a reason! So have your bear spray, we also saw some beautiful rams running into the valley and one that was standing right above us kicking rocks! As well as a marmot!!!! I say this with great excitement because it was the first time I’ve ever seen one!

The only reason I rate this hike hard and not moderate is mostly the way down, we ended up following the trail down to soon and had some exposure over the cliffs trying to stay on the path. The path was heavily marked so someone or something was using it, but it wasn’t the way we came up. So on the way down, try keep heading back around to the front of the mountain (basically parallel to the highway were you parked). We eventually met up with the orignal trail and it was an easy hike down. But I wouldnt recommended the path we took if your not experieced, and if your hiking you shouldnt be doing anything your not prepared for!

Overall this was an amazing hike! And i highly recommend it, especailly if you’ve done a couple moderate climbs and want to either push yourself a little more, or if your looking for a quicker hike with great rewards!!

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