Moab Lake (Easy)

30 min-1 hour
Elevation Gain: 50m
Summer, Spring, Fall

Now this has got to be the most surprising place I’ve ever been to. After quickly deciding to check this lake out we walked into the very east end of the lake and saw how small and “blah” the lake kind was, there was a wild fire that burnt up most the trees, and a small trail that followed the lakeside. Looking for a place to fish (struggling to find enough space to cast), we continued along the trail up and around a bit. And than the clouds parted, and this massive beautiful mountainous  lake appeared!!! We couldn’t believe it! The lake was huge!!! The fish were jumping, the loons were singing, and the water wasn’t glacier water and was totally swimmable!!!

This was an excellent way to spend the day, although we didn’t catch anything, mostly because the lake has mostly only lake trout and we weren’t equipped, but you can rent a boat from a local vender in Jasper. They have them chained up to the trees and you just pick up the key, unlock the boat and fish away! I would recommend doing this rather than fishing from shore if you can. It’ll give you better access.

Curries Fishing Rentals This is the company for the boat rentals



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