Cresent Falls (Easy)

Easy – but a little tricky to get to the base of the falls
5 km loop
2 hours
Elevation gain: 100m
Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

This is a great walk, good for all skill levels. This can be done by just driving to the look out spot or walking along the canyon to complete a 5km loop. If your going down to the canyon its pretty much straight down, and some nice hiker has placed a rope to help assist you down and up the canyon walls!

This is good for all seasons, and also a popular place to camp. The sites are fairly private but can fill up quickly on the weekends, so make sure you get a spot bright and early!

We hiked behind the campsite for a couple hours, and it was supposed to lead to another waterfall. But the trail was unclear and damaged from the flood a couple years back. Would recommended trying it with a four wheeler – not necessarily but foot.

Fishing above and below the falls! You’ll be catching some beautiful glacier water cut throats! Some campsites are located right off the river which makes it super convenient!

If your just coming for the day this likely won’t take up your full day, unless your taking your time enjoying your lunch ect. Its definitely more of a nature walk minus if your going down to see the falls at base level (I would recommended if your able to!). This is also very much dog friendly! In the summer months families let there kids and dogs swim in the pools above the ponds.

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