Prairie Mountain (Moderate)

Location: Technically Kananaskis, but accessed through Bragg Creek
Rating: Moderate
Distance: 7km round trio
Elevation: 705m
Time: 2-4 hours
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


I absolllllllutely loved this hike! Great for dogs, kids, grandma (if grandma is fit and fabulous of course!).  Its short, sweet and slightly sleep on the second half! But it was awesome to do in the winter! Minimal effort for complete 360 views!

The trail is kinda icy, so crampons or cleats of some form are highly recommended (seasonally). Of course, poles are always a good idea to have but the hike has minimal exposure, if any at all. First half of the hike is a fairly gradual incline giving you sometime to get your mountain legs prepared for most of the elevation gain at the end!

Most trail reviews have given this hike a difficult rating, don’t let that discourage you. Its far from difficult. And with only being 7km you have plenty of time to take breaks and go at whatever pace your group is feeling!

This is an awesome hike to do solo, or as a beginner. The trail head is right off the highway opposite of the river, basically directly in front of the elbow falls day use area, if theres a car parked it might be hard to find the trail head. It is fairly packed down but there are no indictors of where to start! It is BEFORE the winter closure gates!

Remember! Lots of snacks, water and your camera! The Canadian flag pole at the top makes for some pretty patriotic photos!

NOTE: CHECK ALL AVALANCHE REPORTS BEFORE HEADING OUT – Risk is very high in K Country right now. BE SAFE! Not only are you putting yourself at risk, your risking the lives of our very valuable research and rescue crews!


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