Spray Lakes (Ice Fishing)

Lake Trout, Mountain White Fish & the odd Bull Trout

A wise man once said ” lake trout, you may have won the battle, but you have not won the war!” And by wiseman I mean the guy in the tent beside us. And I’m sure over half of the people out there with us felt the same way!

The truth is, ice fishing is hard! It takes lots of time, patiences, another source of entertainment to pass the time… Especially when it comes to trout fishing on massive (but beautiful) mountain lakes. As per usual, we didn’t catch. But it was super cool to see people outside, laughing enjoying themselves around a lake fire and watching the amazing dog sledding team run past us! If nothing else, we spent the day outside getting some fresh air and bonding.

If you are looking to try your luck, we parking at the drift wood day use area and walking out about 100m and set up the tent (you’ll know your in the right spot because there will be 30 other tent parked right beside you!). But don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of fish out there waiting to be caught! Keep in mind Spray Lakes is a windy area, so shelter is nice to have as well as proper wind protecting gear.

Please make sure to check the fishing regulations, bait allowances and most of all make sure you know the conditions around you. Ice can be a dangerous thing! Be aware of the season and safe ice depts before walking out to drill your luck hole!


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