Lower Kananaskis Lake

Lower K is in Peter Lougheed Park, its actually the straight run off from Upper K lake, divided by a little elevation and a man made dam! The lower lake is man made and water levels can drop creating a nice sandy beach depending on that years weather.

There is not much of a walking path around the lake, theres two ends that are good to get to the water. One side being Panorama look out – better for fishing as most the trout are hanging out below the dam. The other side is the north end, there’s also a dam that leads to a little canyon. Called the “Lower Lake boat launch” because this is really the only place to put your boats, canoes, and kayaks in the water. Lower lake tends to be a little calmer than upper lake because its long and skinny, if your not 100% comfortable in your boat, make sure you stick to the Bay Area, or head across the little bay and enjoy some of the picnic tables.

This is glacier waters! So it will be cold!!! Be careful not to fall in, although it may seem extremely appealing to jump in, but reality is hypothermia will kick in around the 10 minute mark! So soak your feet to cool off, and than get out!

If you don’t have your own boat, head down to the trading post at Bolton Creek, they offer kayak and canoe rentals!

As for the fishing, don’t be discouraged if you get stunked! The lake has cut throats and bull trouts, but its a big lake!! There’s plenty of places to hide, and because the lakes so natural there looking for a nature food source. Try near the dams, and be prepared to put your time in!

Also watch out for bears!! Everytime we’ve seen grizzly bears, its usually around Lower Lake campground. Most likely due to the food that gets left behind. So stay alert, and let them be. DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE!! Keep everyone safe and fending for themselves!

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