Bryant Creek Cabins (Moderate)

3-4 hours
Elevation gain: 400m
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

This backcountry cabin, rented through Parks Canada, is the perfect getaway if you want to be free of the hustle and bustle of regular life, but still have a nice shelter to protect you for weather and wildlife!

This is the same trail you would use for the more popular Assiniboine Pass Trail, so there will be other hikers passing. But you still need to travel in groups of 4 or more, due to the high population of grizzly bears. So make sure you are aware, making noise and have your spray with you. There are also well marked signs along the well, so as long as your paying attention you not likely to get lost!

The trail is wide and well maintained, shared with wardens on horses, the elevation is minimal over a long stretch. Passing a few creeks beds under bridges, you really don’t need much equipment to complete the trail. Although I do recommended poles to help distribute the weight of your pack.

The shelter comes with 6 extremely large plywood beds, a wood stove, 2 long dinner tables, an outhouse (no toilet paper) and lots of dry firewood! The people before use left a good stack of wood inside the cabin so we were sure to have dry wood to get the fire started, so please keep up this helpful gesture!

This cabin requires a backcountry permit, so make sure you purchase this by either going into a parks office or online at Parks Canada – Things to do   . There is a wardens cabin located just behind Bryant Creek Cabin, you will be fined if caught using the shelter without the permit!

Overall this was probably the most fun I had all summer, and would definitely do it again. It was easy to book, not to bad of a hike, with many made memories! As long as you have backcountry gear, this would be an excellent spot for first timers or experienced backcountry addicts!

Good things to remember –> head lamps, water purification system, matches, warm clothes, sleeping bag, mattress pad, pillow, cooking utensils, toilet paper and food! Lots of food!

IMPORTANT::::::: DO NOT LEAVE FOOD/GARBAGE BEHIND! YOU ARE IN BEAR COUNTRY! You will be putting the wildlife and other hikers in danger, as well as potentially damaging the cabin so it can not be used anymore.



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