Gleniffer Lake

Gleniffer is a nice big lake, the has beaches when the water is low, and lots of free space to roam and find your own place to activity!

The lake is pretty busy with boaters come the weekend, but not as busy as Sylvan Lake, which is nice. The water is clear and clean! So its great to put your feet in, or swim  without worrying about algae and coming out green!! (this actually happened to me once in a small lake in Manitoba, my white bikini was green! My friends mom suggested I go over to her house and rinse off – it was awful).

This is not an off leash dog park by any means, but I like to take the dogs for a swim on the quiet weekdays after work and let them run and swim. I rarely run into any other people and have never had an issue!

This is another good spot to fish, either at the lake, below the damn in the river (my favoutite spot) or there is a stocked fish pond! Great for the kids – it does get busy though so do not expect to have the place to yourself! *** There is a conservation officers station at the top of the dam, so this would not be a place to go without a license! We get checked pretty much everytime we go!

There are picinic table and grassy areas below the dam which is nice for picnics and lettign the kids play in the clear river water! Watch out for the pelicans though!!!

Lots of places to launch kayaks and canoes, easy access to the water from the parking lots. People often just floating in tubes and hanging out as well! Keep in mind its kind of a drive to any store, so make sure you pack eveything you need! This is not a lake town, just a lake!


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  1. Thank you for following my blog! As you can see, it is all about our family story with locations in Alberta! Nice idea to present your blog as a guide for all those bloggers interested in outdoor fun! Where is Gleniffer Lake precisely?

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