Wedge Pond Loop (XC skiing)

Wedge Pond to Evan Thomas across highway 40 to Bill Mines Trail Loop
2-3 Hours
Minimal to no elevation

This loop was perfect!!! A mix of trees, bridges, meadows – it was a perfect beginner trail and easy route for people just looking for minimal exercise!

We began the loop at Wedge pond where the trail begins on the west side of the parking lot (at least I think its west, it feels like west!) the first .04km is the only section where you will back track. Continue the trail to the right following the trail into a beautiful clearing. Here you will cross the river via bridge number one and exit by taking a narrow, mildly groomed small section of trail to continue on the more groomed path. This section was the hardest for us as there wasn’t much room to move! But its very short and rest of the trail is easy and well maintained!

You will have to cross the highway twice on this loop, but the trail is very obvious so there’s no worry to getting on the wrong path!

We passed many snowshoers on this loop, although it is technically a shoe trail, even with the large amount of snow we just got, I feel regular winter boots would do the trick as well! And of course please make sure your staying OFF the groomed tracks made for the skiers, as beginners like ourselves rely on those tracks to keep us up right!!

I would love to do this track again, and it would be a beautiful summer walk as well.

If your new to skiing/snowshoeing, or not ready to invest in your own gear (or want to purchase pair of course!), check out your local Valhalla Pure store to get your rentals! Its quick, easy, inexpensive and there awesome staff will be glad to help!

Another recommended tip would be to stop off at the Barrier Lake info centre and pick up the trail map for the Ribbon Creek Trail System, or print the map from the link below!

Parks Alberta – Kananaskis Country



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4 thoughts on “Wedge Pond Loop (XC skiing)

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’ve long been curious about cross country skiing – mostly because it doesn’t involve hurtling down a mountain at breakneck speeds. I’ve decided that once I’m done with school in California I’m going to move back to a wintry climate, and will look into xc skiing once I do so.

    Also, good pointer about not walking on the ski tracks! I never thought about that before..


    1. Yes!!! You must try it! I’ve taken out about 10 friends that have never skied before and I am even a rookie! If you stick to an easy trail, to not be discouraged, you’ll find it’s very easy and a great work out! I hope you do make it out one day!!

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