Coliseum Mountain (Moderate)

5-7 hours
Elevation Gain:
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

This was the first hike I ever did!!! Aka, life changing. It was wonderful! This well groomed trail, with switch backs most of the way is a great hike for all ages and skills. The view from the top is very rewarding with no scrambles. Its not very often you can summit a mountain without a scramble. So its an excellent choice.

If your finding the switchbacks to be a little to easy for you, or you want to make better time, try going straight up! The trees are sparse enough you can still stick to the original trail by passing over it instead of following it, just make sure your still alert to not miss a turn.

But do not forget the water, and the food! This is a longer one, do not let 13km deceive you. This trail will leave you tired! But thats what were going for right?! Fresh air and exercise. It has been a few years since I completed this trail, and they have moved the trail head to a new location, so make sure you look into the new route as the original was running through private property!

I plan to do this one in the winter this year, so I will have some added details!

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