North Campervans…Sharing your campground with 3 Grizzly Bears!

I don’t know about you but I love bears. From my car or house window. I never really have been a fan of sharing a tent with them. lol. Image my surprise when we arrived back at our site from a day hike and witnessed three teen grizzly’s playing around in the bushes behind our site.

I’ve never been so grateful to be in a roof top tent IN MY LIFE” — Thank you North Campervans!

Want proof?

What an experience that was. That being said, It was an amazing time. I do realize (and so should you) bears can still get you on the roof top tent. You still must be BEAR SMART putting all food and bear attractant items away safely. But it does give you a great piece of mind knowing Mr. Bear isn’t going to stumble home tipsy and step on your ground tent with you in it! 😛


New to camping? Have kids but worry about how they will do? Well this is honestly the perfect set up for you. Not only is it super cool, protective and comfortable. They will set you up with EVERYTHING you need, including the kitchen sink. Well a camping kitchen sink! But you do not have to pack anything except your clothes and your food. I know the first couple camping trips of the season are a bit overwhelming, after what feels like an eternity of winter months, trying to remember everything you need. Let them do that for you! They’re the experts. Providing bedding, coolers, USB ports, chairs, tables, cutlery and dishes, dish washing set up, BBQ, water, canoes and more!


Another great way to see the beautiful country we live in. Compact space, easy to drive, comfortable “top of the line” vans, no need to worry about finding massive RV parking spaces. You can just pack up and go! At first we thought collapsing the tent would be a pain in the butt. But it was so easy! We kept all our clothing and food in the van and just had our sleeping gear up top so we could easily throw down the bags, collapse the tent and head to the next location!

Local Local Local!

If I haven’t sold you yet on how great camping is, maybe because you already know… perhaps you should note that North Campervans IS a small business. With small business owners, Jenn and Kris, who have put there entire life into this business because they BELIEVE in providing amazing, affording, outdoor experiences for everyday people. They are able to give you that personal, hands on experience you no longer get when dealing mainstream, box store equipment retailers. They are able to provide you with all the top destinations, hikes, activities, up to date information in the area. I can promise you, they will do everything they can to make your experience unforgettable!

What you may not know…

  1. You can rent the tent without the van. If you have a vehicle, give them a call! They will tell you what your car can hold and what you need to get your vehicle ready to roll!
  2. They are also a retail store. If you love the tent set up, you can buy it!
  3. If you rent the tent and want to buy it after… They will take two nights of your rental cost off your purchase price!

Click Here to Book!

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