Wapiti Campground (Jasper)

Well. I have stayed at better.


I dont think this is the campgrounds fault. Unfortunately, the trees are very sparse. Likely due to the pine beetles and all the sites are very close together. I assume they have done this because there are 3 or 4 campgrounds in Jasper making it extremely difficult in the summer to get a side (mostly on the weekends) so for this I am grateful.

Overall everything was very clean and maintained. There are a couple trails leading to the Wapiti river trail. Which is great if you a walk from eating 1000 marshmallows and 5 hot dogs. haha, you think I am kidding! The grounds are a 5min drive from town and probably a 20 minute walk. So your close to amenities if needed.

As I mentioned, Jasper does not have that many places too stay – thats the charm of it. Its already packed with day trip buses. So book ahead and enjoy the quiet evenings. I dont think the other campgrounds have much more to offer, maybe snaring because its on the other side and a bit more off the beaten path. Don’t go for the campsites, go to see the wildlife. This is the best part of Jasper.

 Don’t speed – Don’t feed
Just a general reminder for the wildlife safety! 

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untitled (1 of 1)-22

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