Burley D-Lite; from summer cruising to winter skiing

Winter fun for the moms who just don’t want to stay inside!


Not only has my Burley D-Lite Single been an excellent trailer for biking and jogging in the warmer months, but it has also been pretty fun in the winter! Living in Canada means living with limited activities for more than half the year. But amazing companies like Burley, design compact trailer systems that convert into all sorts of sport capable functions.


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Today I am going to write specifically on the ski system. I have never been much of Cross Country skier, in fact, I always opted out of the opportunity in gym class as it seemed so boring! Now that I am older and wiser, I have learnt there are a few good ways to get outside in the brisk winter months and enjoy yourself! I took up this hobby a couple years back and continue to maintain my skill level as a very “wobbly” skier to stay the least. So I was equally excited and concerned when I came to realize you can ski and tow behind your littles! Much to my surprise, my ski skills had actually IMPROVED using this towing system. The strong arms and secure waistband proved me with stability and comfort, with no extra weight. Most of the time I don’t even notice it’s behind me!


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The second thing I would like to bring up it’s compact and easy to assemble features. At first, like anything new, I was overwhelmed to think about how I was going to change from my bike system to my new ski system. But amazingly enough with a quick push and pull the wheels slid out and the ski arms popped in! Putting together the harness arms is equally as easy. Within minutes of pulling out the compacted trailer from the back of the jeep and inserting the ski arms, we were ready to start cruising.


A couple other great features about the Burley D-Lite single, as well as most their other trailers are…

  • Suspension in the trailer, making it super comfortable going over bumps
  • Complete canvas coverage from the wind and other weather elements, with lots of windows
  • Ability to roll up the front panel so kids can see
  • Light reflectors and flag stand so you are easily visible to others
  • Comfortable seats with 3 different positions
  • Rear storage for any sporting equipment you would like to bring with you
  • Easy conversion kits from bike to jog to ski
  • Extremely lightweight

In modern society, it is so easy to get sucked into the “mom life” staying busy making sure your kids have 100% of your attention with all the rules and restrictions to keep up to. Having a trailer that will grow with my daughter, Sophie, which is safe and affordable while still allowing me to continue to do the things that I love will always be the best purchase for me.

Just remember a happy healthy mom makes for a happy healthy baby

For more information on the Burley D-Lite Single summer features, click the link below 

Burley D-Lite Single – Built for Adventure

8 thoughts on “Burley D-Lite; from summer cruising to winter skiing

      1. Brilliant – I’ve really been enjoying your blog, I love to see other mums out there getting babies up into the mountains and fresh air – my baby daughter loves being outside just like your little one.


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