Gear Review: A Stroller Fit4Mom -BOB Gear revolution 3.0 with BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax Infant Car Seat Attachment​ (Sedona Orange)

“Fit4Mom but also fit4 Great Nan & Pap” 

I never thought I would be a “stroller mom” to be honest. I would see all these moms hauling these massive strollers, kids screaming, dropping everything on the ground, trying to get it all unhooked and set up properly while the kids are running in a different direction. I thought to myself – well that seems like more of a hassle than anything.

So imagine my surprise when I actually loved the thing!! More to my surprise, I use it daily. From walking the dogs, going for a stroll at the beach or walking to the grocery store, this easy ride,  compact unit has more than satisfied my mom life needs.

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Here are some key features I have found extremely valuable:

Large Canopy
Sun, wind and rain coverage with this canopy is extremely effective. With having a newborn I had to be extremely cautious when taking her out for walks and like most provinces in our country, our weather is very unpredictable! You could be walking on a nice sunny day and one rain cloud will roll in and completely soak you. I have been caught in 3 or 4 rain storms already where I have been soaked and Sophie has remained perfectly dry.

Storage Compartments
From the zipper compartment, back mesh slots and the underneath basket, there is enough room for your picnic basket, groceries, diaper bag or whatever else you need for the day. I find this very valuable as I am an over packer and I can bring whatever I need without having to carry any extra bags. I also enjoy walking to the grocery store when I only need a few things and not having to carry any bags is perfect!

Easy Collapse
As I previously mentioned, over the years I have watched moms struggle getting strollers in and out of their cars and it seemed like such a hassle. Well, BOB gear has solved this problem! Two easy clicks and the stroller is flattened and in the Jeep, on the flip side, two folds and she’s ready to go!

Quick foot lock
 When walking the dogs and pushing the stroller I always have my hands full so to be able to quickly lock/unlock the wheels with my feet makes it a lot easier – anything hands-free gets two thumbs up in my book!

B-Safe Infant Carrier Insert
It goes without saying how convenient having an infant carrier that goes from the base in your car to the stroller without disrupting baby is fantastic.  Additionally,  Britax has rated the safest infant car seat for the past couple years providing you the best car seat with the most convenience.

Terrain Ready Tires
Obviously, my lifestyle is more off the beaten path than on it. So having a strong terrain tire that is able to withstand some rocks and tree branches is what I had in mind. The revolution flex has a mountain bike type of suspension and air-filled tires helping to make the ride smoother for babes.

Other key features include:

  • 9 position handlebar adjustments for all heights
  • Adjustable seat for a child from laying down to sitting upright position
  • Ultra paddled compression seat
  • Magnetic peak & chat window
  • Swivel lock front wheel
  • 75 lb weight limit allowing for maximum growth
  • Easy remove wheels to allows for fitting in more compact spaces

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my choice in strollers.  Historically I have been known to be “rough on equipment”, however,  I am so confident in the quality and durability BOB gear has put into the Revolution Flex 3.0 that I am sure it will withstand my adventures.  Having something that will grow with baby from infant to when she decides she doesn’t want a free ride anymore is a perfect added bonus!



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