Big Chief Beef Jerky – for the Adventurers!

We Asked Canadians How They Best Adventure

Turns out they fuel up with good snacks! 


Big Chief Meat Snacks

So why do these happy adventurers choose Big Chief beef?

These delicious, mouth-watering, easy to pack snacks are FULL of protein!!! From beef sticks, pouches, big snack packs and mini bites, these snacks will fit anywhere anytime! Beef jerky contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, the high protein will help you maintain muscle memory, prolong hunger and when mixed with a balanced diet keep you energized for longer. Jerky made from beef, (Canadian beef) contains the same omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish, which can help to keep your brain active and healthy.


Big Chief facts you probably didn’t know about a favorite snack choice…

  • William Klein founded this company in 1971 and to this day his family continues to run this business. That’s 48 years of perfecting recipes for tasty, quality snacks!
  • Not only Canadian, but they ensure that 100% of there beef is supplied from Canadian farmers.
  • They have one factory – location: Calgary, Alberta Canada
  • They love our great outdoors as much as we do! Their waste process is minimal and they make sure what is wasted, is recycled and reused.
  • Big Chief offers special fundraising prices on product boxes for sports teams or community organizations looking for a new way to raise money! Year-to-date they have helped raise over $40,000!
  • Nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sulphite-free, with gluten-free options available.
  • Local, local, LOCAL

Screenshot 2019-02-23 16.36.01PC: @bigchiefbeef

Why is local so important?

Shopping local is something I always strive to maintain. Supporting those “mom and pop” shops have helped give a kid his first bike, a teenager his first old ‘clunker car’, a daughter her dream wedding, an elderly couple a comfortable retirement. Buying products off your local superstore shelves will put another Porsche in some guys garage to collect dust.  Shopping local means you usually pay a little more for quality, well-tested products that are also better for you! When companies do not have large law firms to sweep lawsuits and recalls under the rug, they have to ensure that everything they do is 100% up to standard or they will lose everything they have worked for. Shopping local provides jobs for your community, your uncle, your neighbor, your friends. Big chief Meats have proven for decades that they are here to stay and they pride themselves in making sure Canadians come first. So next time you’re at the gas station grabbing a snack for the road, return the support, shop Big Chief Meats!
PC: @tee.ce

Product Orders

Like to plan ahead? Not a fan of overpriced convenient store purchases? Big Chief Online Store offers a variety of bulk meat products to order. This option allows you to order what you want instead of choosing only from what’s available.  Feeling Canadian proud or Alberta Strong? Choose one of many Apparel Items they have available!  Also, just for taking the time to read how great this company is and how it will help you get outside and adventure, we’ll give you a discount code for 10% off your entire purchase, making shopping local just a little easier for you!

Click this link to receive 10% off at Big Chief Online Store
**Minimum $50 purchase for discount to apply


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