Rummel Lake (Easy)

13 km round trip
400 m elevation
2-4 hours
Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring

I’m usually not a big fan of lake trails in the winter since the lakes tend to just look like a giant field.  Rummel Lake was no different but we chose this hike due to its lower elevation, easy trail and moderate distance. Rummel Lake trail is a well-marked trail with a low avalanche risk and was great for a nice day in the mountains!

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The trail begins right across from the Engadine Mountain Lodge road and gains most of its elevation in the first 2.5 km.  I have to say the best view of the trail is the clearing that looks over Spray Lakes and Tent Ridge mountain. The rest of the trail is in the tree line and fairly flat with a very subtle elevation gain that continues until you reach the lake.

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Thanks Parks for placing these little benches around so I can rest comfortably!! 

This trail has adequate signage so it is ideal for beginners and people nervous about getting lost in the winter. In winter conditions you never know when you’re going to lose your trail to a foot of snow – so overall this trail would be very easy to navigate.  Don’t worry, the popularity of this trail will ensure you won’t be the only humans on the trail! We crossed paths with hikers (snow conditions were fairly packed and hiking boots were sufficient), people snowshoeing, cross country skiers and people using touring skis!

At one point I thought we would never reach the lake!! We marked around 6.4 km until we reached the clearing of the lake and since I am 6 months pregnant I was getting a little tuckered out! We didn’t stay long – took a few photos, had a sandwich and began the trek back.


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Overall this hike was a great way to just spend the day outside with minimal risks and light elevation.  Personally, I think I will enjoy the Rummel Lake trail more in the summer when the lake is not snow-covered.  However, any day in the fresh mountain air is a day well spent! If you’re familiar with the Chester Lake trail terrain but looking to get away from the crowds, this might be your trail! Happy hiking folks!

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