Sarrail Ridge via Rawson Lake Trail (Hard)

12 km
1100m elevation gain
4-6 hours
Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

What a hike and what a view!! This trail really isn’t technically challenging except for the last kilometre or so where there are a couple of steep sections that require you to use both hands. That being said, proper footwear and gear in the winter is definitely required. This is not a hike you can run up in your Nike Frees, but it is a good challenge for people looking to find a moderate to hard hike!

The first 2 kilometres or so up to Rawson Lake is very easy. This is a nice trail with a moderate incline and is fairly popular among hikers which makes it great for the whole family. Rawson Lake is beautiful – a great spot to have some lunch and hopefully catch the lake still enough to see a mountain reflection.


Photo Credit @brookewillson

After you get around the backside of the lake the fun part begins! This is the steep section where you will gain the most elevation and get the most rewards. I am telling you – it is relentless. You will want to turn back!! It is only one kilometre, but it seems like 10,000 kilometers! Do not turn back!! You got this!! Just take your time and watch your steps – you will get there!


In photo: @leahtylerszucki & @88hannah88
PC: @brookewillson

This popular trail is very straightforward, offering a variety of views with minimal skill requirements. It’s not only a great hike for those who want to try something a little more difficult, but also for experienced hikers who just want to enjoy the wonderful views over upper Kananaskis lake.

In Photo: @leahtylerszucki & @brookewillson
PC: @88hannah88

Please note: Rawson Lake is a popular trail for bears! Although its popular among hikers and the bears are avoiding you as much as you are avoiding them, please refresh your bear safety before heading up to the lake. Stay alert!

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5 thoughts on “Sarrail Ridge via Rawson Lake Trail (Hard)

  1. Beau.ti.full. Do ypu think its still ok to do winter?? Looks like just a slight disting for you guys but just wondering if we did it this weekend about avalanche risk.


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