Gear Review: Norrona Falketind Gore-Tex Shell Jacket

My Question to you.

What is the most important piece of clothing to carry in your bag at all times?

Although this may seem like a trick question since there are many variables that influence your packing decisions, there’s only one item that should always be packed.

a Gore-Tex Shell Jacket.

A Gore-Tex Shell jacket will withstand the harsh conditions that the high alpine mountains will sometimes throw at you. This jacket is tough, durable and resistant to rain, snow, and heavy winds. There are many of these types of jackets to choose from, but my “go to” safety net is the Norrona Falketind.

When choosing a jacket it’s important to find something that fits your body. The Norrona Falketind is designed to taper in areas that are often bulky. This jacket has drawstrings to tighten that will keep the cold air out and keep your hood in place when the wind is blowing. If you need some breathing room, there are underarm zippers that you can quickly unzip so you don’t overheat. Good sized pockets, including a media pocket, are the perfect places to keep all of your expensive gadgets safe!

I have been wearing the Norrona Falketind jacket for about a year now so I have been able to test it in all conditions! The first time I wore this jacket we were going for a light snowshoe.  It was -30 degrees Celsius weather with about 20 km/h winds and an expected 10-20 cm of snow – just a small blizzard. Of course, jacket shells are meant to be layered so I threw on one of my long sleeve base layers, a wool jacket and then my Norrona shell.

I wasn’t even cold. 

untitled (1 of 1)-4

We will call this photo proof of the weather situation!

The second thing I consider when choosing to spend my hard earned money on a quality jacket is a reputable company.  Although it may not be local, finding a company that has spent centuries researching and understanding what is quality will ensure you that every dollar is being well spent.  A company that finds a way to give back to the community and provides certification of animal care and wellness; being involved in programs such as responsible wool, responsible leather and certified down. A company that knows and understands without nature we are nothing.  Norrona has been showing corporate responsibilities for their employees, animals and customers since they opened their doors in 1929. They continue to grow as an eco-friendly company using recycled products, donating 1% of sales to organizations that help preserve and protect our lands.


untitled (1 of 1)

“And nature is what we live for”

Since Norrana is known for there extreme ski touring involvement I decided to try my luck on the slopes. Not as an extreme skier, just an average snowboarder. Luckily, its sleek hood design makes it easy for my helmet to fit underneath and tightly cinch in so I could easily turn my head and see what is behind me – not what’s on the inside of my hood (one of my biggest pet peeves with hoods).  Again, the gore-tex fibers and wind protection allowed me to have a warm day on the slopes and enjoy myself in the harsh winter conditions we were blessed with that weekend.


Technical Details Provided by Norrona Offical Website

  • Cuffs with Velcro adjustment
  • Hand pockets above harness and hip belt
  • Articulated elbows
  • Inside mesh media pocket
  • Asymmetric cuffs with Velcro adjustments
  • One-hand hem adjustments
  • Taped seams with thin GORE-TEX 13 mm tape
  • Y-Sleeve
  • Under arm zipper ventilation
  • Soft brushed chin protection
  • Storm hood fitted for free-ride helmet


In summary, over the past year, I have learned the value in having a lightweight, outer shell made to withstand all weather conditions – even that light summer rain. Norrona has not only provided me with this but their company policies and integrity have more than earned my business and I am sure this is why Valhalla Pure Outfitters has continued to stock their shelves with Norrona products.
Photos provided by:
Josh McCabe @joshmcca
Brooke Willson @brookewillson
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