Hoodoo Creek (Moderate)

2-3 hours
Elevation gain: 800m
Summer, Spring, Fall
Trailhead: Hoodoo Creek – David Thompson Highway

Well…. to be honest… I did not think I was on the right trail here. Most of what I read said follow the creek bed up. Buuttt that didn’t make sense since there was a trail to the right of the creek bed.. So I clearly followed that! Much better than risking rolling your ankle on one of those rocks. The trail lead me right to the large hoodoo! The one was actually quite large! I walked right up to it and noticed there was a trail that crossed the creek bed and headed up… my curiosity got the best of me… at this point the trail would be rated at a easy nature walk.

untitled (1 of 1)-25
This is 1/2 of the hoodoos – and its the smaller one! 

So once I noticed there was a trail on the other side going up, I of course I had to check it out. Well this was the best part! The trail goes straight up to a summit. The trail does get kind of sparse and not defined. But its doable. I did my best to stay on the dirt not to destroy any plants trying to grow (which is not a rule in Nordegg but I feel its best to remember that you are sharing the trail with Mother Nature – so respect her).

Overall there isn’t much for short hikes in Nordegg, most are 40km or to lakes. There are only a few that are summits. So if your looking for another option this might be for you! Or do what I do and just pull over and walk up one day !! (again – I had my hiking shoes, water, BEAR SPRAY, everything I needed to hike). This hike is good for the whole family! Dogs and kids included!

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Pursuit Adventures – Red Deer, AB

untitled (1 of 1)-2 20

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