Moose Lake Loop (Easy)

3 km
1-2 hours
Elevation 150m
Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter


Although we did not see any moose swimming in the lake like we had hoped, this trail ended up being rather beautiful by its self. It may have been the beautiful morning or the time of year. But the birds were chirping, the water was still and mountain peaks that shine in the distance gave me a two thumbs up for this little walk.

The trail was a well marked, packed down loop great for the family. Its minimal elevation and distance would make this more of a nature walk to me, but the trail can get a little muddy and viney so strolls etc would not work. Therefore I marked it as easy!

I would for sure do this trail again, it was also recommended as snowshoe trail. Or you can make the loop a little longer and do the larger loop which may up your chances in the moose department!

This is a fairly long drive for such a short hike, so if you are looking for a summit or full day hike this is not for you. This is where you would go to explore Malign Lake and than add this loop in. Great location for photography and the drive in on Malign Lake road is worth it as well. This is where we seen all the wildlife! Bears, moose, baby deer, baby moose! Malign lake has lots to offer, such as lunch at the tea house, boat cruises to spirit island, kayak and row boat rentals. There is a well defined lake trail you can walk around, but the lake is about 24km long… so the loop would be around 50km! Although it would be worth it, some preparation would be required!

Overall, this was a great hike. Not something to plan your whole day around but great to add in if your killing time or looking for some amazing shots in the golden hour, if your lucky you will see a moose playing around!




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