The Coliseum (Moderate)

13 km
4-6 hours
Elevation Gain: 800m
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

This was the first hike I ever did ! The mountain that started it all. And it continues to peak my interest! This is a super moderate hike, great intro into hiking, with amazing views. The switch back trails makes the distance a little longer, but the gradual incline makes it easier on the lungs. Beautiful forestry for most of the trail, so you are in the treelike until you reach the first summit.  The trail head is extremely easy to find, as there are sign all down the Shundra road, so you can imagine this is a pretty popular trail. Although we went on a Monday late April, and we had the whole trail to ourselves!

You can extend this trail and head over the ridgeline to the second summit, although I have yet to make it there! I believe this adds a little more challenge for those who are more experienced. I WILL GET OVER THERE!

The trail is perfect for dogs, as there is minimal exposure and rock climbing, also being great for kids as the trail is well packed and defined. It’s also used as a mountain bike path, which I have yet to be brave enough to try!

Be aware you are in bear country!! We noticed some skat and a couple of bear tracks. So make sure you freshen up on your bear safety. Stay alert, make noise, have your bear spray in an accessible location! 


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4 thoughts on “The Coliseum (Moderate)

  1. That looks like a pretty hike! I love revisiting trails that I did a long time ago. It’s cool to see them through the lens of more experience in hiking!

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  2. So technically, since I was the one who first took you here and hiked it with you the VERY first time… I can take ALL the credit for your love of the mountains and hiking…. Right? Love you and miss you. Congrats on this blog and continued success now and always!


    1. Yes!!!! Of course you get the credit. It changed my life so much! I cherish that hike and that day all the time, and talk about it often. I wish you all the best and miss you as well. Can’t wait for my new scrubs !!!! Xoxxoxox


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