Riverbend Golf Course (XCskiing)

 Thanks to the 2019 Canadian Winter Games, Riverbend Golf & Country Club has extended there cross country skiing trails to over 14.5km of groomed and well maintained trails for everyone to enjoy!
This is the network of trails that got me hooked on cross country skiing! Up until this point the idea of trying it never crossed my mind. Even in high school, I opted to play floor hockey over trying to ski. But much to my own surprise and the rise of opportunities to give it try, I jumped on the band wagon and rented a pair of skis from Valhalla Pure Red Deer
Starting from the club house (east side) I would recommend heading down behind the golf course and sticking to this portion of the trails . If you are a beginner its much flatter than taking the route in front of the club house. The trails in front of the club house are more scenic trails, through the trees but they are steeper and more advanced. Also, make sure to take advantage of the groomed ski tracks, it’ll make for a day more on your feet than your butt!
Side Note: Rentals from Valhalla are $25.00 for the day, pick up being the day before (after 2pm) and drop off the day after (before 12). This includes boots, skis and poles! This year they are also carrying skis for kids! Its a great way to get the whole family out of the house and enjoy the crisp winter air!
Click the link below for a complete trail map:
Riverbend Trail Map


Outdoor specialized quality gear provided by

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Valhalla Pure Outfitters Red Deer, AB

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