Tunnel Mountain (easy)

1-2 hours
4.3km round trip
Elevation Gain: 260km

Looking for something to do other than spend money in Banff? Well this is the place for you! Right in the middle of town is this cute little mountain thats the perfect walk for the whole family. Mild terrain, mild elevation and a decent view of the town from the top!

Open all season, but be sure to be careful in the winter, as it will get icy up and down! Its a great way to spend the day.

Please keep in mind, this is a trail that locals use as an every day walking path. It is not an extreme hike, so do not expect specular views earned by hard work! This is just a good way to experience the mountain wonders, maybe break in your first hike and open the doors to so many awesome trails the range has to offer!

If you can, pack some lunch, theres lots of spots to sit, relax spend some quality time! Or if your a runner – go for a morning run up the mountain instead of around town!



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3 thoughts on “Tunnel Mountain (easy)

  1. I love an easy and quick hike sometimes! Whenever I get off work early I like to spend that time out on the trails if I can.


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