A Little about myself, Welcome to my blog!

Growing up in Manitoba, there was not much hiking to do! So when I moved to Alberta, and discovered that there are thousands of hikes, and things to explore throughout the Rocky Mountains I was instantly overwhelmed. Not knowing where to start, what to bring, what defines a scramble, WHAT WAS SWITCH BACKS?! I mean I was lost, and confused and completely unaware where to begin!

A YEAR LATER… A friend asked if I wanted to do my first hike, the Coliseum Mountain out by Nordegg, I obviously said yes. There I learnt the term switch back… 500 switch backs later lol…..  But it was amazing!!! I was hooked. Unfortunately,  I wasn’t too internet savvy at the time and didn’t really know where else to go. I had to wait another year before another opportunity came up.

Insert, my blog. I want to create enough information, and options for people to not feel scared or overwhelmed to go hiking. Whether its with friends who have hiked, with a friend who has never hiked either, or even solo. There are so many options, skill levels and things you can bring to make sure your safe and prepared for any adventure!

My goal is to hike all ranges of hikes, not just the “hard and accomplishing” ones that require equipment and skills. But the easy and moderate ones as well, so I can help you get outside and explore whatever your skill level! I want this blog to be more factual than emotional. Because the truth is every outdoor experience gives me the same thrill, unbeatable rush of adrenaline, and a refreshing cleanse of nature that helps me stay grounded and able to manage my day to day life with just a little more patience and understanding.

For those of you who don’t know, I am actually a full time dental assistant, so I do have a monday-friday job, and mountains that are over 2 hours away, I’ve been told I have master the term “maximizing the weekend”. It’s a skill I am hoping to pass down you everyone else who can’t just be a glamorous Instagram star, hiking, climbing, exploring whenever they feel like it! We have to take the weather rain or shine, hot or cold, and GET OUT THERE! There are plenty of seasonal activities calling your name!

My plan for this blog its just a few facts, a few pics, and a few key details I ran into while doing the activity! If you have any questions, I am here to help! Please feel free to share your stories or recommended things to do! Theres tons of things left to explore, I would  appreciate your input!

Also, please excuse the lack of photos and photo quality on some on the posts. I am not a machine, and have not completed all these trails/activities in the last 3 months, haha. It has been a few year process, and I have tried to include what I have, what I can remember and more of the season it was completed then the actual date. I want you to go and experience it on your own, not live through my photos!

Happy Trails!


PS… I am talker and walker, not a reader and writer. I struggled starting this blog due to the fact that I can not write! But I can talk your ear off. So my post will be more like a conversation than a formal article. I apologize in advance for any run on sentences, spelling mistakes, misuse of grammar – I’ll have my editors (aka my brother) work on it 😛

7 thoughts on “A Little about myself, Welcome to my blog!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I’m so happy you’re on board sharing your love of hikes and of our fantastic Rocky Mountain playground. Like you, I started my blog with the same purpose… to share knowledge of local trails, to put more info out there, and to show that adventure can be had in any level. Perhaps we’ll meet on the trails as we seem to explore the same area. Until then, keep ’em coming!


  2. Hello Leah, and thanks for following me! What you choose to do with your blog is up to you, but I’d recommend not being afraid to get a little emotional. Spending time outdoors has important emotional and spiritual benefits, and there’s nothing wrong with writing about them 🙂


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