Upper Kananaskis Lake (Easy-Moderate)

Moderate (due to distance not elevation)
5-7 hours
Elevation Gain: -100m
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter (snowshoe parts)

This lake has so much to offer there’s more to do that just hike!! Its the home of my favourite campsite (point campground), it has beautiful cut throat trout, an amazing waterfall with a walk over bridge, kayak/canoeing in the bay! The possibilies are endless.

I’ve actually never done the whole loop it self, I’ve done about 3/4 of it for 3 different activities. The first being the trail head for Rawson Lake, this is where you would pass over the waterfall. Second, point campground is located directly across the lake.  Its a backcountry campground. Third to the trail head of Indefatiguable. I have loved every part of it. The lake itself is worth the drive just to see!

Next thing to do is take out the kayaks or canoe! But be careful the wind/weather can change at any time and I have yet to find a weather app that has actual weather for the Peter Lougheed area, so just assume its about 5 degrees cooler than Kananaskis!

But if your a fishermen, you know the colder weather means beautiful trout! Although they are hard to catch because the lake is so big, and so deep, when you do catch its awesome! I suggest trying by the dam or by the waterfall.

If your looking to spend a day somewhere with the whole family, not doing much or doing lots this is your place!!!


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