These are some tips I’ve come across over the years, experience first land and from stories of other adventurers!

  1. Leave Early do not wait until 4pm to start a hike. Hiking in the dark is dangerous. Without the proper gear, you could end up lost, standing on a bear, or falling of a cliff. Check the sunset times on the weather channel, because they will change over the year and the sunsets sooner in the mountains.
  2. Bear Spray. Have your spray in an easy to reach spot. make sure you know how to release the safety before you leave your vehicle!
  3. Food. Have enough food with you. Make sure you have a snack, a healthy snack. Your burning fuel hiking, its important to make sure you fill up!
  4. Trail Report. Soooo many times I’ve planned to do a hike, and I check the report a couple days before leaving and its been closed for bears! So just be advised, this past year there was a lot of closures due to fires as well.
  5. Emergency Phone Number. At the end of this post, Im going to insert two phone numbers for Kananaskis Park and Alberta Parks phone number, this is a direct line to call if something should go wrong and you need to be rescued. Most hikes do not have cell service, so you’d have to hike until you get service and you want to make the process of getting help as quick as possible. If you have a satellite phone, this would be the numbers to call as well.
  6. Know your limit. Read a couple different sites regarding the trail you plan on doing, or the route you plan on taking. Make sure it is at your skill level. Do not get in over your head. There are plenty of activities to do for all skills. Find something different if need be, or have all the right gear if you decide to proceed!
  7. Wildlife Awareness. DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! DO NOT TAUNT THE ANIMALS! Let them be. Go on your way and let them go on theres! Keep an eye out, and watch around you. Try and make conversation and noise as much as you can so no one is startled.
  8. Getting the photo. We all want a photo, if didn’t happen if you didn’t get the photo right?! That being said, people have died, ACTUALLY DIED, trying to get the perfect photo. That photo will not be posted if your dead. Watch where your going, be careful, and aware where your standing. It is sooooo easy to fall. Get the photo, safely!






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