Vision Quest (Hard)

5.5 km
3-5 hours
Elevation Gain: 905m
Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter (part way)

Short. Sweet. Right to the point! This hike wastes no time getting you to the summit! Its rated difficult on most sites and I don’t think thats fair. This is a great hike if you’ve done a few moderate hikes and wanted to step it up a bit. The elevation is relentless, and worse on the way down! But there is minimal scrambling, and totally do-able if you just take your time and enjoy the view as much as the trek!

It is dog friendly, but the sharp rocks at the top can make it a little difficult on there paws, so as long they’re conditioned (and have the “mountain legs”) I would say bring them.

The trail is very well marked the whole way up, pretty much impossible to get lost. The view are incredible the whole way! It was really smokey when we did it, but on the clear day it would be break taking, and totally worth it!  I would suggest bringing some poles as well, again not 100 necessary but they really help for the scree sliding down the summit.

All I can really say about this, is bring lots of water, don’t rush, its already a quick hike so enjoy your day outside, and don’t let the reviews of  this being a “hard” hike discourage you. Its only hard because its straight up. But its in no way difficult where skills are required.

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