Othello Caves (Nature Walk)

These caves are so cool!!!! If your passing through hope these are a must see! The tunnels were the original tunnels built in the 1990’s for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, it no longer has railway tracks, but the caves have been restored and connected with bridges to become a popular historic part!

Its so crazy to think of the infrastructure that went into developing hole, through the mountain, big enough to fit a train through it!!! As you walk through you can feel some rain drops leaking through the walls from the mountain runoff. Walking bridges have been placed to connect the tunnels over the rushing water between the Coquihalla Gorge.

This is a must see FOR SURE!!!! It can get busy though, strollers can be pushing, but its not a paved cave, you will be walking part on gravel and part on wooden bridges. As well, the caves get pretty dark so make sure your safe walking without much late or have a flash light of some kind!!

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