Bridal Vail Falls (Nature walk)

Nature Walk
0.08 km
1/2 hour – 1 hour
elevation gain: 50m
Summer, Fall, Winter

Ever been driving down the highway and see the “points of interest” sign and than kept driving. THIS IS THE TIME TO STOP! Not only was the falls breathe taking, but the trees were stunning! You could just smell the fresh air all around you, years of Mother Nature best work!

The area is treated as a resting area for travellers, with picnic tables and washrooms. After the quick walk up to the falls, come back down and relax for a bit! Although the place can become a little crowded in the summer mountains, the tables are fairly spread out and will give you a little more space.

Your supposed to stop infant of the falls where there’s a little sign with some information, but if you feeling adventurous (or want a different shot like I did) you can walk up a bit more and get right to the base of the falls where the water will sprinkle down on you! The path is wet and slippery though, so be careful. I had of course had flip flops on and thought I would be fine to walk up, which is was, but I had to take off my shoes and walk down bare foot as I was slipping right out of my shoes anyways. Despite the strange looks, I made it down fine and got some pretty amazing pictures.

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